A fusion of nature, machine and folk art.


Artist's Statement

I've always been fascinated by the simple, whimsical motion of whirligigs. I was inspired to bring a more contemporary and modern aesthetic to this form of folk art. The idea of something mechanical—a cam shaft— driven by something natural— the wind—were both interesting to me . The many shapes of the cams provide myriad of opportunities to translate rotational motion into kinetic art. Then, the fish themselves form a natural weathervane that completes the whirligig.


Each whirligig is individually handcrafted and unique. I am happy to discuss the choice of woods (although certain more exotic types may take longer). It typically takes 4–6 weeks for delivery. Prepayment, in full, is required (Paypal preferred). A $25 shipping charge will be included in the final price.


While the whirligigs are fully functional (meaning they are wind driven) they are still woodcrafted works of art. Their kinetic aspect is best appreciated by the simply using a finger to turn the propellor!

News & Recognition

Honorable Mention

Kinetic Art Organization (KAO)

2017 International Kinetic Art Competition

PMA Craft Show Preview Feature in Ornament Magazine

David on FYI Philly June 18, 2016 A featured artist at the 2016 Manyunk Arts Festival

David was awarded the status of Master Artisan by the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen


The "Whirligig Guy" at Long's Park Arts Festival


Winner — Best of Show

2015 Manayunk Arts Festival

Winner — Unique Vision Award

2017 PA Guild of Craftsmen

Rittenhouse Square Fine Crafts Fair — Spring Show

2019 Show Schedule

American Craft Council Show

Baltimore Convention Center

February 22–24

Paradise City Arts Festival

Marlborough, MA

March 22–24

Smithsonian Craft Show

Washington, DC

April 24-28

Manayunk Arts Festival

Philadelphia, PA

June 22-23

Peters Valley Craft Fair

Layton, NJ

September 28-29

Visual Arts Center Design + Craft Show

Richmond, VA

November 22-24


Care and Instructions

Your whirligig will provide you with years of enjoyment and delight. Download care instructions to maintain and keep your sculpture spinning.

About the artist

David Winigrad is long time resident of the Philadelphia area. David earned a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University. When not making whirligigs, he works in marketing and advertising. David has two children and a beautiful wife, Maureen.